Our Teaching Philosophy

Franz Liszt
Franz Liszt in 1858. Photo by Franz Hanfstaengl.

We believe each student is a unique individual who deserves a nurturing, professionally stimulating and engaging learning environment to help their talents flourish.

Our teaching method is based on a world-leading Russian piano school, originating from the Franz Liszt era and passed directly through generations of the greatest musicians to our teachers.

As active musicians ourselves, we treat every student as a gifted artist, whether the student is a child beginner or adult advanced player. We encourage students to discover their unique talents, stir their creative imagination and fulfill their full potential.

Our student-friendly teaching approach and well-structured lessons are customized to meet each individual student’s needs and have proven very successful in maintaining a student’s enthusiasm, rapid progress and enjoyment of music.

To demonstrate their progress and achievements, we organize and encourage our students to perform on stage in front of their families and friends.

We also encourage our students to participate in grade exams—such as the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, Royal Conservatory Music Development Program, Music Teachers’ Association of California—music competitions and auditions. In fact, many of our students have passed these exams with distinction and have won gold medals in the United States Open Music Competition.

Our Programs

Prodigy Program

piano student prodigyThrough private piano lessons the pace is customized to the elementary level individual student, without having to teach to the lowest common denominator, as within a multi-student class.

Building on a solid foundation of popular classical music, the student will learn piano through well-structured, logically paced, comprehensive programs based on original (non-adapted) music repertoire and an innovative fusion of methods.

The basic foundation of music theory will also be taught, giving the student an advantage to learn pieces quickly and easily.

Virtuoso Program

piano student virtuoso These private piano lessons set an intense pace for the intermediate and advanced individual student aiming to reach higher performing skill goals and to learn practicing techniques for performing on stage.

Learning an actual concert repertoire is the primary goal and a standard theory foundation will be covered, giving the student the opportunity to comprehend music in its complexity.

Maestro Program

piano student maestroThese individual lessons are for advanced or outstanding students and use world-leading Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory coaching techniques to help students reach the highest artistic goals.

Students will learn these special techniques and secrets—that are not taught by any other local school—and will be able to perform with the quality of famous pianists.

Solid theoretical knowledge will be taught during regular lessons to support extensive piano training.